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History, community and the arts

AndAlso Anthologies


Andrea has been proud to contribute to three recent anthologies of Queensland history by AndAlso books:

All We Could Do - 'Love and Duty'

It's 1919. Regional Queensland is celebrates the return of its sons from WWI - but they've brought a deadly flu with them. Dr Tom Bancroft is missing his daughter Jo, gone to Sydney as one of the first Australian women to pursue a career in medicine, when a mysterious rider turns up with news of sick men at Old Coonambula Station. Jo, in Sydney, is at the epicentre of the pandemic. Now her father in Eidsvold is required to risk his life too. 

Bjelke Blues - 'Won't get fooled again'

In the mid 80s, two teenagers who've barely got their L plates in music, love and politics find themselves navigating a late-night sabotage attempt on 4ZZZ-FM. 

Our Inside Voices - 'COVID Garden'

COVID-19 turned 2020 upside down. Among the Queensland voices chronicling our early experiences of the pandemic comes a poem about gardening - 'projects/ will save us from/ madness'

Growing together through natural disasters and disruptive events

Birdie postcard.JPG


Andrea works for the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health, part of Children's Health Queensland, where she leads the team responsible for creating the Birdie's Tree resources. These storybooks, games and others materials help babies and young children, their parents and families, to cope with natural disasters and disruptive events. Birdie's Tree received the Resilient Australia National Award 2020 from the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR).

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