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Environment, science and place

Science Write Now 2020

Scientists seek to tell meaningful, logical, comprehensive stories that explain how the world works. Allowing for differences in cultural logic, storytellers have long sought to do the same. Scientists and storytellers may use different methods and tools in their explorations, communicate using different discursive modes, and value different outcomes, but at heart they are on the same quest: to make sense of things.

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Griffith Review 61 Who We Are 2018

SWINGING IN MY hammock, it’s hard to get to sleep. Beside my head the sea bounces between hull and wharf – a hollow liquid sound, repetitive scrape and gollop.


Meanjin Autumn 2017

The loneliness bided its time. As I watched the sky turn lemon and the sun rise behind misted plane tails at Brisbane Domestic Airport, as I flicked through the in-flight magazine and failed the Sudoku between Brisbane and Adelaide (and from Adelaide to Alice Springs), as I picked up Monster Truck and took Larapinta Drive towards my first overnight stop at Glen Helen, I was barely conscious of the loneliness lurking.

Meanjin Winter 2018

It’s three o’clock on an autumn afternoon drenched in sun like eucalypt resin. Sitting under the arch of Natural Bridge, I watch Cave Creek tumble through a hole in the rock ceiling and waterfall over a log that must have washed down years ago.

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